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Official Goodbye (Puremana)


Hey Cazmo’s,

It may come to no surprise to you, but Cazmo has pretty much shut down.

Thanks closey for that picture.

That pretty much speaks for itself…

Planet Cazmo is still shut down by hackers…

I would to give a shout out to all the Cazmos who tried anyway, and made the game awesome from the beginning… A shoutout to Jeff and T0m3y for making the game fun to play, and moderating the planet.

Sneaky Ninja was an awesome person to blog with. Challenging me, and overall just helping me become a better blogger.

HeyHeyHey, Soccer, BetaOmer, Lil Blue, Tape and Russia… Giving me determination to blog, and looking up to them for advice.

Twinkles, 100 vs 0 and RolfroPC for actually telling me how to blog, and getting me to where I am today. (Love ya Twinkles :D)

And all the other Ambassadors for cheering me on and being there for me.

If you need to contact me, here’s my Little Space Heroes Blog:

I hope you viewers have experienced the same as I have, through Planet Cazmo… And I wish you goodluck for the future.

Planet Cazmo Money has officially shut down until further notice.

~Retired Silver Ambassador Puremana~

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