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How To Be An Cadet?

1.your age should be 30 days to be a cadet.

2.then go to news paper and press on ARE YOU A CAZMO EXPERS?

then they will ask you a questions about cazmo like this:

1. Zibs are Evil Aliens: FALSE

2. There is an offical Planet Cazmo channel on Youtube: TRUE

3. Dr. Franken Body Sells Skateboards: FALSE

4. You Can earn Cazmo Coins by working out in the Fitness Center: TRUE

5. Backstage Newt cells Sunglasses: FALSE

6.Torgo is a moderator on Planet Cazmo: TRUE!!!!

7. Peter Panda is the bartender at the Cazmo Club: FALSE

8. The FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) Sign is in the space port: FALSE

9. You can buy Space Ships with cazmo cash in the Vehicle Shop: TRUE

10.  You can Sign up to be Cazmo of The Week in the Cazmo Diner: FALSE

11. Members Get Free Cazmo Cash and Cazmo Coins Every Month: TRUE

12. You can contact a moderator by clicking on the red “M” in the upper right corner of the screen: TRUE

13. Smudgy Works in the Garage: TRUE

if you answer all the questions you will be cadet:

by Top Speed,spread the world…

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